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Top 5 Advantages Offered by Native Mobile App Development

Top 5 Advantages Offered by Native Mobile App Development

A dedicated app for mobile has been prioritized by many businesses. As the demand for mobile apps increases, the demand for the best mobile app development services goes up as well. The number of mobile app development companies has increased significantly over the last few years. The process of development of an app for a specified platform is known as native app development. Mobile apps are developed for broadly two types of platforms, i.e, iOS, and Android. For iOS, Objective-C or Swift programming languages are used. On the other hand, for Android, languages like Java or Kotlin are used. Due to the wide array of benefits offered by native app development, it is more popular than hybrid or web app development. Get a better glimpse of the advantages of native mobile apps below.

1. Access to the Complete Feature Set of Device

Features like the device’s GPS system, camera and microphone can be accessed using native apps. These apps are capable of utilizing the features of the device’s hardware and operating system to the fullest as they are specially designed for that platform. Native apps also allow the app to use the push notification feature, which is a heavily used marketing strategy of businesses.

2. Better Security

The technology used in web apps is HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS whereas a native app uses the core language for programming for a specific platform. This provides better protection against plausible security violations. It assures the user of the authenticity of the app and increases their trust.

3. Reduction in the Number of Bugs

It is easier to hold two different applications in two separate codebases than in one common codebase. Native apps have access to the new software development kits (SDKs) when the updated versions of Android and iOS are released. This makes it much easier to update the native apps than the otherwise hybrid apps which access the hardware through a bridge, leading to a delayed development process and users becoming impatient. 

4. Top Notch User Experience

There is no doubt that native apps provide the best user experience. Native apps are developed in the core language of the platform, have access to the complete feature set of the device and can directly access the device’s hardware. Native app development provides a responsive and seamless experience to the user without compromising on any of the performance aspects.

5. Best Performance

Native apps are way faster and powerful in their performance as compared to hybrid or web apps. Native apps are programmed using the dedicated programming language for a specific platform and hence, are capable of using the features of that platform to its full potential. Native app development leverages the processing speed of the device to its advantage providing a fast and responsive experience to the user.

The above advantages make it clear why native app development still trumps over other forms of app development. Hybrid and web apps do provide flexibility in the UI, but lack in providing a fast and responsive UX. The mobile app programming companies continue to face an increasing demand for native app development projects even today.